Pregnancy // 1st Trimester

I'm still here, you guys! I took a little unplanned hiatus. Turns out 1st trimester fatigue actually equals total and complete exhaustion. I'm so thankful and excited to be in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and actually have enough energy to blog. Today I just want to catch you up on what's been going on with me and I kind of wanted to document the first trimester. I know I'll want to remember what it was like when we plan for the next baby! 

I'm going to start at week 5, because the only symptom I had before that was super sore boobs! That still hasn't subsided! I was also completely exhausted until about week 14. I'm so lucky to have a job that allowed me to work an extremely abbreviated schedule. I don't know how woman work full time in the beginning of pregnancy! Seriously, you ladies are superheroes!

Week 5 
✦ Craved milk, whole milk, like crazy! 

Week 6
✦ Nauseated around the clock 
✦ Grossed out by most smells 
✦ Couldn't even THINK about drinking milk!

I also had my first ultrasound that week and got to see this little button (the baby is the bottom blob) and were excited and relieved to hear the heartbeat! With my previous pregnancies, we never got to hear a heartbeat.

3 days later I had some spotting and nearly lost my mind with worry! They did another ultrasound and the baby was just fine. I have a septate uterus. It's like the septum that divides your nostrils, only it divides my uterus. The bleeding was coming from one side and the baby's heart was beating away on the other. You'd be surprised how different the baby looked in just 3 days, but it went from blog to seahorse. Of course, that convinced me that we were having a mermaid. Sadly, they didn't send me home with any photographic proof!

Weeks 7-9 
✦ Nauseated 24 hours a day
✦ Couldn't stand the smell of coffee and had to stop drinking it 
✦ Varied from day to day what I could stomach 
✦ Craved meat but couldn't stand to smell it cooking
✦ Ice cream and donut always sounded good (but not together)
✦ Still couldn't drink milk
✦ Everything I drank had to be ice cold

Week 10-12
✦ Spring pollen kicked in and I couldn't tell if I was less nauseous or if I just felt so bad in my sinuses that I didn't notice it as much

I had my nuchal scan ultrasound in week 12 and they measured the fluid in the back of the baby's neck to check for neural tube defects. Everything was fine and it was so exciting to see the baby moving around so much. The baby completely turned around and snuggled in while we watched!

Did you guys know that your not done with the first trimester until about 13 1/2 weeks? Sneaky 40 week gestation! 

Weeks 13-14
✦  Finally becoming less nauseated and not as exhausted! 
✦ Started showing instead of just looking chubby in the middle 
✦ I think I felt the baby flip over too, but just one time so far!

I have to tell you, I think the 2nd trimester is where it's at. I don't have tons of extra energy or anything. I just relieved to feel relatively normal! I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and I have a doctor's appointment this week. Sadly, I don't get my next ultrasound for another month so I'll be waiting impatiently to find out gender! Place your bets now!

By the way, don't worry that my blog will turn into a pregnancy-only blog. While it will be monopolizing my time in the near future, I also have a lot of non-pregnancy related projects that I want to share with you soon (and need to finish before the baby arrives)!


Things I Love About My Guy on Our 1st Anniversary

Today is Josh and my one year wedding anniversary. I'm so happy to have found the man I'm meant to spend my life with and, since I'm feeling all nostalgic and sappy, I thought I'd share some of the many reasons I love my guy.

I love Josh because...
✧ he refers to my growing number of white hairs as "blond."
✧ he encourages me to take naps when I'm grumpy.
✧ instead of complaining about my art projects all over the house, he cleans around them.
✧ he doesn't like spiders either, but will kill them for me.
✧ he loves our critters as much as I do and tells me stories about them. Also, Dinah loves him SO MUCH and she's super particular.
✧ he loves to cuddle as much as I do.
✧ is enthusiastic about my cooking, even when it's not that good.
✧ he's sneaky-funny...and finds me HILARIOUS!
✧ he can usually tell me where I left something I can't find...and I lose things constantly!
✧ he doesn't think I'm boring and nights in reading or having Netflix marathons is fine with him.

I hope I didn't gross you out too badly! I'm excited to dress up fancy and celebrate this weekend! 


Coming up on One Year // Our Wedding Story

My one year wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I realized that I never even shared my wedding with you guys! So, this is our wedding story.

Josh and I had each been married one time before, but neither of us had a real wedding the first time. We wanted to do something special, fun, and unconventional. We wanted a date that had meaning and decided on March 20th, the first day of Spring. The start of a new season when everything is fresh and new was the perfect day for us to start our married life together.

I didn't want to buy a white dress that I would never wear again and might be out of style by the time I could pass it down. Instead, I wore the "Stop Staring! Mad Men Eggplant Pleated Bodice Cap Sleeve Swing Dress" from Unique Vintage. (You can check out their online shop through my affiliate ad --->)

We couldn't decide what song to walk down the aisle to or who would be in charge of it. My Mom joked that we should just have our guests play "The Wedding March" on kazoos and we DID! It was awesome! My mother-in-law wrote a fun poem to explain and we had the kazoos waiting in the seats.