Photo Groovin'

My first passion in life is photography. I got my first camera at 5 years old and never looked back! I majored in photography in college and worked in a lab for 5 years after graduation. I shot a little freelance over the years but, somewhere in my busy life, I lost my photo groove. I just wasn't feeling it anymore and it became a real chore for me.

First, I needed to find out why my creative juices stopped flowing. That required a lot of soul searching, mostly in the form of meditation. After awhile, I decided it was time to give photography another shot. I went on my first shoot in a VERY long time. I didn't shoot anything spectacular, but I ended up with some photos that I like. Most importantly, I had an AWESOME time!!! I think I found my photo groove and I can't wait to go out shooting again. Let me know what you think!

I wanted to stay at the market and photograph more veggies, but I was getting the stink-eye and had to move on.


Spice Rack Makeover!

I adore vintage spice racks! They're so useful and the new ones you find in stores just don't have the character that I love. I found this gem at the flea market a while back....

It was pretty dirty and definitely needed some TLC. I knew I wanted to paint it, but it seemed pretty large for my kitchen. Then, I came across a photo of a spice rack that was being used for nail polish storage and I just had to try it!