Cleveland Rocks! Part 2

My Cleveland trip was so fun that I couldn't show you all of it in one post. If you missed part 1 on Wednesday, you can find it here.

I absolutely LOVED the Tristan Prettyman show on Sunday. But I still wanted to see a couple of sites before we headed home Monday evening.

I really wanted to see the Arcade. Cleveland has done an amazing job restoring their Arcade. I've been wanting Dayton to restore our Arcade for years and seeing Cleveland's gave me warm fuzzies. Isn't it beautiful?!


Cleveland Rocks! Part 1

As you may remember from my Lately post, I am loving Tristan Prettyman's album Cedar and Gold. Well, TP was in my area TWICE this summer and I wasn't able to go to either show. I'm a long time fan and was seriously bummed about it. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that I was going on a trip to Cleveland to see Tristan Prettyman and Andy Grammer as an early Christmas present!

First of all, disregard whatever bad things you've heard about Cleveland in the past. I'm telling you, the city was GORGEOUS! It rained the entire time we were there and it didn't even matter. The glow of the holiday lights and the reflections off the wet pavement were breathtaking!

We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and were pleasantly surprised that the hotel was housed in a historic building from 1845! Check out the ceiling in the lobby!


Just the Tip #4

Use baking soda to exfoliate your skin.
I wish someone had told me this years ago! I have wasted so much money on fancy face scrubs over the years! Turns out, the best exfoliant EVER was sitting in my kitchen cabinet the whole time!