Cleveland Rocks! Part 1

As you may remember from my Lately post, I am loving Tristan Prettyman's album Cedar and Gold. Well, TP was in my area TWICE this summer and I wasn't able to go to either show. I'm a long time fan and was seriously bummed about it. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that I was going on a trip to Cleveland to see Tristan Prettyman and Andy Grammer as an early Christmas present!

First of all, disregard whatever bad things you've heard about Cleveland in the past. I'm telling you, the city was GORGEOUS! It rained the entire time we were there and it didn't even matter. The glow of the holiday lights and the reflections off the wet pavement were breathtaking!

We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and were pleasantly surprised that the hotel was housed in a historic building from 1845! Check out the ceiling in the lobby!

Even the elevators were classy!

The show was a holiday acoustic concert at the House of Blues.

 The House of Blues wouldn't let me use my "real" camera inside, so I had to make do with my iPhone.

The concert was incredible! I alway worry that the performer won't sound as good live. Tristan sounded even better! Her voice was more clear and beautiful than I could've imagined! She was accompanied by Steve Miller, who is crazy skilled with his guitar and even used it as a drum at times!

During Andy Grammer's set, (sorry, Andy) I was able to meet Tristan in the lobby. We took a picture together and I hugged and thanked her.

My hair doesn't normally look this bad, but I'd been standing in the rain!

I was able to catch Andy Grammer's last few songs and they were awesome; but I was too far away this time for pictures. I should probably mention that I wasn't familiar with Andy Grammer before the show, but he was great and I had to download his album!

A little later, I posted some pictures from the show on Instagram (I'm completely obsessed and you should really follow me @retr0phot0) AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!!


It was the perfect end to a perfect evening and the BEST Christmas present! Of course, we had to make a couple more stops before leaving Cleveland. I'll post the rest of the photos on Friday. 

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