Cleveland Rocks! Part 2

My Cleveland trip was so fun that I couldn't show you all of it in one post. If you missed part 1 on Wednesday, you can find it here.

I absolutely LOVED the Tristan Prettyman show on Sunday. But I still wanted to see a couple of sites before we headed home Monday evening.

I really wanted to see the Arcade. Cleveland has done an amazing job restoring their Arcade. I've been wanting Dayton to restore our Arcade for years and seeing Cleveland's gave me warm fuzzies. Isn't it beautiful?!

The other thing I wanted to see was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Like the House of Blues, they wouldn't let me use my "real" camera inside. But they were even more strict and we weren't allowed to use our phones either!

I would've loved to show you all the dresses that I wanted to try on. I really wanted to dress up like one of the Supremes and take Stevie Nick's whole wardrobe home!

The most exciting part for me was the Elvis section! I couldn't get enough! I think a Graceland trip is in order for this girl!

I snapped this shot on our way out. Man! Was it ever cold right there on Lake Erie!

 Btw, someone should probably tell the Hall of Fame that they're not the Louvre! Copycats...

Of course, road trip food was required on the way back to Dayton....

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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