Photo Groovin'

My first passion in life is photography. I got my first camera at 5 years old and never looked back! I majored in photography in college and worked in a lab for 5 years after graduation. I shot a little freelance over the years but, somewhere in my busy life, I lost my photo groove. I just wasn't feeling it anymore and it became a real chore for me.

First, I needed to find out why my creative juices stopped flowing. That required a lot of soul searching, mostly in the form of meditation. After awhile, I decided it was time to give photography another shot. I went on my first shoot in a VERY long time. I didn't shoot anything spectacular, but I ended up with some photos that I like. Most importantly, I had an AWESOME time!!! I think I found my photo groove and I can't wait to go out shooting again. Let me know what you think!

I wanted to stay at the market and photograph more veggies, but I was getting the stink-eye and had to move on.

I just really like flowers.

These cool painted planes are all over downtown Dayton. This was my favorite. 
(We're big on flight here. The Air Force museum is here and Dayton is the Wright Brothers' home town.)

I started out taking a picture of a hand print on this dirty door and ended up photographing me!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) musical talent. I really enjoyed listening to her samples. May have to download an album myself!
    You've got a knack for photography, Kate. No doubt about it!

    1. Glad you like her, Patti! Cedar & Gold is an amazing album. I haven't gotten tired of it yet! Thanks for reading! xoxo


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