Just the Tip #3

It's sure been a crazy week with all the election hoopla. Living in the battleground state of Ohio keeps things interesting. I decided to spare you guys all the gory details. I'm sure you're as sick of it all as I am.

Helpful Tip #3 is brought to you from my Mom. She let me in on this little tidbit only after I had the emotionally scarring experience of finding meal moth larva IN my flour canister! *shudder* I think it went down in a phone conversation like this....
ME: I'm freaking out! There are bugs IN MY FLOUR! How could this happen??

MOM: Well, didn't you have a bay leaf in there?

ME: In where?

MOM: In your flour canister

ME: Why would I have a bay leaf in there?

MOM: To keep the bugs out!

I had a similar conversation with her about an antibiotic allergy one time.....

Anyway, put a bay leaf in your flour canister to keep the bugs out. You'd be shocked at the tight seal that the creepy crawlies can get past! You can also put some on the shelves of your pantry to protect whatever grains you might have stored in there. 

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