Knock Knock Knock, Penny!

I've been reading Elycia's blog and got inspired by her pressed penny collection. I like to collect things that don't take up too much space and I love the nostalgia of penny pressing machines. 

I visited a website called the Penny Collector and I was excited to see how many places in my area have these machines! I happened to be in the neighborhood of the Hasty Tasty the other day and stopped by to press some pennies.

This was spontaneous, so I didn't have my "real" camera with me. My iPhone photos will have to suffice this time!

The people in the restaurant probably thought I was crazy. I didn't eat there and I was SUPER STOKED about my pennies!

All you do is insert 2 quarters and your penny, turn the crank, and viola! Flattened souvenir penny! So fun! It's just silly and awesome! Seriously, try it!

Here's how they turned out!

Oh, and 2 points if you got my Big Bang reference! ;)

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  1. Of course I got the Big Bang reference... I want a tee shirt that says that. And, I need to start doing this. Pressed pennies are the cheapest souvenir that you can collect at Disney World so I've always been interested in them. What was the website for ones in the area? This would be a fun thing to do with the kids. Maybe see how many we can collect in a day!


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