Snapshots 12.16.13 // Instagram Edition

As you may already know, my favorite social media is Instagram. I often forget that a lot of you don't have it or use it (including my husband). I wanted to do a little Instagram roundup today to catch you up on what I've been sharing lately.

Top row, left to right - Satch & Gus hanging out on the couch less than a foot apart (Progress!), a necklace that I saw that instantly made me think of Darth Vader (Josh's nerd is rubbing off on me), Gus looking particularly muppet-like

Bottom row, left to right - Maya snuggling on my (and her) favorite blanket, icicles and a scalloped awning, my Mom's Christmas village (one of them!)

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  1. Oh how the animal insta posts get me every time! Thankfully, you have more than enough to meet my desired quota. Love all these snapshots :]

    1. Oh, girl! It's a zoo over here! I'm happy to contribute more fur babies to the internet!


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